Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Honestly, nothing I say here will be able to do this show any justice. There are no amount of words that I could string together to accurately describe how wonderful this show is, but obviously I’m gonna try. It’s like someone took rainbows, kittens, fuzzy slippers, hot chocolate with marshmallows, warm sweaters, puppies, babies, and hugs and somehow turned them into a TV show. Within a week of the Netflix Original’s Season One release, I had already watched the whole thing twice and adapted it’s theme song as my own personal anthem.

Ellie Kemper (The Office) stars as the bubbly and eternally optimistic Kimmy Schmidt. The series has a surprisingly dark premise, Kimmy and her fellow Mole Women were kept in a bunker by a crazy Reverend. The series begins with the women being rescued after years of confinement in the bunker. Kimmy, who was taken when she was in middle school, retains her pep and zest for life no matter how dark the world around her may be.

Kimmy’s attitude is mirrored by the show’s bright colors, up beat music, and campy characters. This allows the show to take on a dark subject matter and shed some light on it. Kimmy learns how to face her demons, heal her wounds, and find her way in the world without ever loosing her spark and trademark smile.

There are currently two season’s available for streaming on Netflix, but a third season is on it’s way in May! I highly suggest jumping to it and catching up before the next season hits. This show instantly became one of my all time favorites. I’m pretty confident that you’ll love it too!

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