Hello There, Fellow Warrior!

In case you’re wondering, Spoonie is a term used to describe someone with a chronic illness. I happen to believe that all Spoonies are Warriors because we fight incredible battles every day. Battles against our own bodies, against ill-informed doctors, against disbelieving friends and/or family, against insurance companies to pay for our care, and so many other things.

I started a blog because I think it’s important for Spoonie Warriors to share their experiences. I think we need to share with each other, so we all know that we are not alone in the fight. And I think we need to share with non-spoonies, so that people understand what life is like with a chronic illness.

I’ve attempted to make this blog a one-stop-shop, of sorts. I will share my thoughts and experiences in the world, but I will also share what some of my favorite Spoonie products are as well as what movies/tv/books I enjoy and recommend to others. Pop over to the “About” page to learn more about me and why I’m blogging and what illnesses I’m fighting.

Check out my blog posts, leave comments, and hit me up on social media (links contained in the top menu!). Feel free to share any of my posts with your friends and family, just make sure to credit the author. 😉 I mean, I want to share my words with the world…but I’d also like the world to know that I’m the one who wrote them.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure that you take a spoon picture to #showmeyourspoons!

(For more information on why we’re called Spoonies, check out The Spoon Theory)

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