What’s In My Bag?

I will work to regularly update this post with products that I have used that I truly enjoy and recommend. I will never suggest something that I did not like.

Note: not everything that works for one person will work for another. We are all unique, therefore, our needs are unique as well. Keep that in mind as you decide whether or not to try a product.

First off, you need to get a Prime membership. Yes, you can shop on Amazon without a Prime membership, but trust me, this is a life saver. Use this link to sign up for a risk free 30 day trial!

First, a copy of my very own book! It’s available in paperback or for the Kindle. If you like my site, you’ll love this!

A great book for parents with chronic illnesses. I read it with my daughter a lot and it helps to explain how chronic illness changes what Mommy can do. I believe all, or part, of the proceeds go to research for Dysautonomia.

This is the wheelchair I use. It’s sturdy and easy to use. Mine is named “Blue Steel.” 😉

A nice light weight option for when I need assistance but don’t quite need the chair.

Suggested by my Neurologist for my migraines. These have seriously cut down the number and intensity of my migraines.

This is an awesome packet loaded with sodium and lots of other needed electrolytes for Potsies. It definitely has a salty taste, but it helps a lot!

This cookbook is amazing! Everything in it is delicious. I am a vegetarian with a lot of weird food allergies, so this helps to accommodate for all of that and leave me still eating delicious foods!

This is another really great electrolyte solution. The company even advertises it’s use for Dysautonomia patients. If you email them, they will send you a box of free samples. It’s a bit pricey, but really helps!

These Gamma Ray glasses are designed to block out blue light from tech screens. They help me with sleep and headaches. Read my full review on Gamma Ray Glasses for more insight into why these rock!

These are low compression level compression pants, but they are comfy and come in cool designs. I have the floral ones and I love them! I wear them on cooler days and/or days when I won’t be standing or walking much at all.

These are my go-to heavy duty compression leggings. They are comfortable and provide really awesome strong compression. They help me stand for longer and walk a larger distance.

These are pretty awesome compression socks. They don’t help as much as the waist-high leggings, but they are definitely better than nothing. They are actually the socks that are in the above wheelchair picture.

If you love Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt as much as I do, you may also love this shirt!

My new Nursal Rechargeable Tens Unit, which has proven to be irreplaceable in my fight with chronic pain.

Our incredible Memory Foam Mattress

Our Platform Bed Frame

Super soft and cozy comforter

Uber soft and cool sheets

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