Confessions of a Spoonie Warrior

Today is my official blogiversary! I started this blog exactly one year ago, not knowing what would happen with it or how long it would last. I thought I would be lucky to get even ten subscribers, and now I have over 3,500! I admit that I’d hoped I’d be able to make some supplemental income through blogging, which hasn’t happened yet, but the reward of helping spread awareness and showing other spoonies that they aren’t alone, has truly been priceless!

Happy Blogiversary!

Through the course of a year, I’ve learned a lot about myself as both a spoonie and a writer. I’ve become more comfortable with my voice and have found a place as a disability rights activist. Thanks to all my social media activity, I’ve met some incredible connections and made a lot of great friends. What started off as an impulsive decision, has turned into a life changing adventure.

So, in honor of my very first blogiversary, I want to share with you all a few of my confessions about life as a spoonie. For the other spoonies out there reading, maybe you’ll see a bit of yourself here as well.


Twelve spoonie confessions for twelve months of blogging:

  1. My scalp is 30% skin and 70% dry shampoo


Evil Kermit loves dry shampoo

2. Pants come in two sizes: “legging” and “pajama”

3. Social events are called appointments…and they’re with doctors

4. The main food groups are: nausea inducing, colon exploding, reflux magnifying, and, the elusive, belly satisfying.

5. Joint pain and headaches make the best meteorologists

6. Everyone I meet suddenly becomes a medical professional

Willy Wonka Knows

7. Making the bed is a rigorous activity

8. Days are counted by prescription refill status

9. Goldilocks is more decisive than my body

10. The bottom of the laundry pile hasn’t been seen in years

11. Fighting through pain is equivalent to an Olympic sport

Exercising with Chronic Pain


And, finally…

12. There are never enough spoons


I have had so much fun in this past year of blogging. I hope that I can continue to blog and write about life with disabilities and chronic illnesses for many more years to come. Thank you all for taking the time to read my random musings. And, remember to be on the lookout for my very first book, Tales of a Spoonie Warrior, which will be released next month!

Leave your own “spoonie confessions” in the comments and don’t forget to share and subscribe!






I am a mother, partner, teacher, daughter, writer, and blogger. I'm working on turning my private hobby into a public one, whether the public asked for it or not. I have a BA in theatre and a Master's in Education (with a Montessori integration), making me a highly overqualified internet ranter.

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