A Bed Changes Everything: A Review of Comfort

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Ok, ok. Maybe saying that “a bed changes everything” is a bit of an overstatement, but a good bed certainly changes a lot. Especially when you spend as much time in bed as I do! Thanks to my struggles with stairs, most of my days are spent in our bedroom, so I want it to feel like a haven…which, until 2 weeks ago, it didn’t.

Let’s start with our old bed. It was a bed that my husband bought ‘used’ in his bachelor days. I don’t know the brand name, but if I had to guess I would say it was a Sure-Sags-Alot. The springs creaked as we got up or laid down on the bed. The center of the mattress was worn down so much that it created a vortex of sorts that would try to suck

Look at this sad old bed! I have pillows and blankets all around me in attempts to get comfy.

anyone in who attempted to sleep on it. It was only made bearable by multiple foam and pillow top extras piled on top, although they fit poorly on the saggy mess leaving oddly placed ridges and bumps. Sounds cozy, right?

Basically, I wanted that bed gone the moment it came into our house. But, as most of you know, beds are expensive. They also are difficult to move, especially in our small townhouse with sharp corners in bizarre places. So, I waited, dreaming (whenever I could sleep, that is) about the day when we would have a bed I would enjoy resting in. I spent many a Saturday morning with Harper’s feet in my face as she tried to climb into our little queen bed with us. I worried the whole thing would cave in once the dog and cat joined the bunch, but miraculously it held strong.

When we were planning our wedding, we decided that we could try to use any money we were given for wedding gifts towards getting a new bed. Our guest list was very small, so we knew not to expect a ton of money to come rolling in. As I’ve written about multiple times, going out shopping is incredibly difficult for me, so I do the majority of my shopping online…mainly Amazon. I knew beds are typically things you have to actually go to stores to get, so I figured that I would be able to save myself some strife by researching beds online first.

That’s when I came across Zinus Gel Infused Green Tea Mattresses. You may have seen it, or similar products, advertised online. These are memory foam mattresses that are vacuum sealed, shipped to your front door, and then “inflate” once opened. I loved the idea of having a memory foam mattress, but they usually were too expensive for my tastes. That’s why I was a little skeptical when I came across Zinus on Amazon and saw they were selling these babies for less than $400! And that’s for a King size!

Something had to be wrong with them, right?! Surely it was a scam. There was no way that you could get a high quality mattress for that low of a price. That’s when I did what I do best, I scoured the internet for product reviews, company information, and real stories of people using these mattresses. I got lost in 1,000’s of verified customer comments on Amazon. In everything that I found there was a similar thread, the Zinus mattresses are incredibly comfortable and no one can believe how affordable they are while maintaining great quality. In fact, when I found any kind of negative reviews they usually were complaining about how their 12″ mattress only inflated to 11″ or the like, a problem I was willing to risk.

We took a leap of faith and ordered a mattress (affiliate link above). We even ordered a Zinus platform bed frame to go with it. And thanks to my bff Amazon Prime, we ordered the bed on Friday as we headed out for our Honeymoon and came home just in time for it to be delivered on Monday.

The frame came in a large box, but contained multiple parts, which was a pain for Matt to have to haul up and down our stairs. The bed itself was obviously in one big box, but it was quite heavy. Matt had to put it on another broken down box, like a make-shift sled, and then push it up the stairs. He definitely worked up quite a sweat before we’d even unwrapped anything, but once everything was in one room it was actually super easy to assemble. All the tools you need come with the frame and they have it all fitting together perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised with how awesome it looked!

Once we’d opened the mattress, which looked like a crinkled sheet of paper straight out of the box, we were reminded that they recommend letting your bed sit for 48 hours to fully return to its original shape. This was a huge

He’s such a good husband!

punch in the gut to me because I’d been anxiously waiting for my chance to try it out. Unlike many similar types of mattresses, Zinus claims to not have toxic chemicals in the mattress, meaning you don’t have to allow time for “off-gassing” as you ventilate the room and wait for the chemicals to stop releasing. This, coupled with assurances from many users that it won’t hurt the mattresses to lay on them early, led to us deciding to roll the dice and go ahead and use it after only 8 hours.

Guys. Omg. It was incredible.

After 8 hours it had risen to around 9 inches, and honestly we didn’t care if it raised anymore or not. It was that comfortable. Simultaneously soft and firm, a seemingly impossible feat, its like being hugged by a cloud. The frame is sturdy, so it doesn’t shake or move when someone is getting in or out of the bed. And, because of the memory foam, a light sleeper like me isn’t bothered or jostled whenever the other sleeper rolls around. I was also amazed at how much bigger a king seemed to be than a queen. I no longer felt crushed whenever I wasn’t alone in the bed.

The following morning was the first morning in a long time where I didn’t wake up in far more pain than I went to sleep in. My loose EDS joints would often sublux in my sleep, or my muscles would get caught in a spasm. So far, that hasn’t happened since getting this bed. And, its being gel-infused helps to combat the common issue memory foam users have of over-heating. Full disclosure: It never rose to its full 12 inches, stopping around 11.5, but honestly it doesn’t make a difference to us. It’s amazing all the same.

I love our new bed. I love it so much, I kinda want to name it…I’m open to suggestions here. Even Harper is obsessed

What I imagine heaven looks like…

with it, sneaking into our room in the middle of the night every night for the first week because she wanted to sleep in the new bed. It’s only been a couple of weeks, so I can’t yet speak to longevity, but so far this bed has been worth every penny we spent on it…and that’s a whole lot less pennies than we would’ve spent on most any other bed.

I can’t sing this bed’s praises enough. Even now, as I write this post, I keep stealing whimsical glances at the bed, sighing from pure contentment. If you’re looking for a new bed, I highly recommend checking out Zinus and their line of memory foam mattresses. Do your own research, of course, but don’t let the low price of this bed scare you off. Good quality doesn’t always have to be more expensive.

Sleep well, Warriors.

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