Interview on The Knowbodies Podcast

This is not one of my usual posts. Instead of filling the page with my story, words of advice, or rants against ableism, I’m going to let my actual voice do the talking.

Not long ago I was asked by The Knowbodies, a medical podcast that works to empower patients and health care providers with information, to come on and interview with them. I was nervous, for sure. After all, when I’m writing I can go back and revise my statements, cut out unnecessary sentences, and double check that my grammar and spelling are passable. When speaking, I have no such ability, so I can’t as easily disguise my tendency to ramble.

However, in spite of my verbose ways, I still think the interview went well and I had a blast doing it. Nick and Will are super nice and their passion for educating others radiates from them. I highly recommend checking out their site and other podcast episodes (after listening to mine, of course).

I hope you enjoy it! Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


I am a mother, partner, teacher, daughter, writer, and blogger. I'm working on turning my private hobby into a public one, whether the public asked for it or not. I have a BA in theatre and a Master's in Education (with a Montessori integration), making me a highly overqualified internet ranter.

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