Why I Depend on My Home Tens Unit

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I have a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). One of the major symptoms of EDS is chronic pain. My pain can be caused by dislocations, subluxations, inflammation, general joint aching, muscle spasms, and myofascial pain. Basically, there is no end of ways in which I can get hurt or feel pain. So, if you’re interested in pain-relieving techniques, a spoonie with chronic pain is the one you want to hear from, because we have learned quite a few tricks to cope.

The past five months have been some of the hardest, in regards to pain. I have been mostly bedridden as it’s too painful to sit up or move around. I’ve been to multiple doctors and they have run multiple tests, all coming back normal. The best lead towards a cause that I’ve found was through a physiotherapist friend who said my symptoms sound like a severe case of Piriformis Syndrome. That’s where the

Using my Nursal Rechargeable Tens Unit with my heating pad for amazing pain relief.

piriformis muscle in your rear gets irritated or stuck in a spasm and puts pressure on the different nerve bundles in the region. Mine seems to aggravate my sciatic and pudendal nerves, causing severe pain.

Once I was given this possible cause of all my agonizing pain, I looked up ways to treat it at home, as I didn’t want to wait until my next doctor’s appointment to start feeling better if there were things I could safely do at home. I started a regimen of medicines (already prescribed for this pain), gentle stretches, physical therapy exercises, self massage, and aggressive us of my home Tens Unit. I still have a

lot of pain, especially after prolonged sitting or a lot of movement, but I have seen awesome improvements in my pain levels. I used to spend half the day moaning and crying due to pain that my medicines weren’t even touching. Now I wince once in a while, but it is significantly better.

I’m sharing all of this to set the stage for how amazing my new Nursal Rechargeable Tens Unit is. You may have read my review of Icy Hot’s Smart Relief Tens Unit, and I still stand by it, but what I discovered is that if you are a frequent user of Tens therapy, then you would benefit from a rechargeable unit with more flexibility of use. When I started my aggressive regimen for my Piriformis Syndrome, I got to the point where I was having to replace the battery for my Smart Relief pretty much daily, which gets expensive and is super wasteful. That’s when I decided that I needed something else.

**As with any medical treatment, ask your doctor first if a Tens Unit is safe for you to use. Don’t ever start a medical treatment without first consulting a doctor. My physical therapist suggested an at home Tens Unit for me back in March, so I was cleared to use it. I am not a doctor and cannot tell you what treatments you can or can’t use.**

I went to Amazon, my favorite, and searched for at home units. I read dozens of reviews, compared features, and shopped for the best

Two of the three sizes of pads attached to their leads. Sorry for the poor lighting.

prices. As discussed in my last post, we’re on a pretty tight budget, so we don’t have money to burn on useless products. What I found was Nursal Rechargeable Tens Unit. It has 16 different modes, including massage and acupuncture, adjusts for intensity, can be set to run for up to an hour at a time, and can have up to 6 pads connected at one time. The pads come in multiple sizes and have fairly long leads, which allows for versatile placement. The intensity lessens the more pads you add, but I’ve found that four pads can be hooked up quite nicely while still allowing a fairly strong intensity level.

They say that the battery charge can last up to a month with limited use. For me, it lasts about two days, but I use it for around 4-6 hours a day. When I first started, I used it for about 8 hours a day, but have been able to decrease use as the pain has been improving. But, it also charges very quickly and can still be used while charging.

The pads are the only thing that I could see having to replace often. I’ve had mine about two weeks and the pads are already losing a lot of their stickiness. The site recommends that you put a few drops of water on the pads before and after use to help lengthen their life. They are still sticky enough to use, especially if I’m laying down, but they have begun to slip off more easily if I accidentally tug at a lead or

The body of the unit, nice and compact. Again, sorry for the crummy lighting and angle. I took these laying in bed.

move around too much while standing.

The body of the unit is very small and compact. My boyfriend calls it my MP3 player, as it resembles the off brand MP3 players of days past. The compact size of it has been super helpful, as I can just stick it in my back pocket, tuck the leads and wires into my clothes, and then walk around while receiving powerful pain relief. I also like to add a heating pad to help the Tens Unit in its goal of relaxing the muscles.

I can’t claim that this is the best home Tens Unit on the market, but with my research, as well as the price tag at less than $40.00, the Nursal Rechargeable Unit has been a godsend for me. In two weeks, it has greatly decreased the amount of pain I’m in and allowed me to

begin a gentle stretching and exercise routine. For the casual user, you would probably do great sticking with the Smart Relief unit, but if you are a fairly regular user, like myself, then I definitely suggest getting a rechargeable unit with more options and placement flexibility, like the Nursal Unit. It has seriously changed my life these past two weeks, and I can’t wait to see how far it will take me in the next month.

Use the link at the top of the post to check out the Nursal Rechargeable Tens Unit, or check out my page What’s In My Bag where I provide links to many of the products I use to fight my chronic illnesses.


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