Why Amazon Prime is a Spoonie’s Best Friend

Even before I became disabled by my illnesses, I hated shopping. For one, spending money causes me anxiety, so you could imagine that shopping can be tricky. But, I also hate the crowds, standing in lines, and sifting through items that have migrated from their homes to random places in the stores because customers pick them up and don’t put them back.

Amazon has opened up new worlds to haters-of-shopping such as myself. I have loved it since its conception. In fact, for years now my family pretty much only buys each other gifts off of our “wish lists.” Before each holiday or birthday, I can expect to get a flux of texts demanding “have you updated your Amazon wishlist? Have you updated Harper’s?” Wish lists are basically the adult equivalent of writing a letter to Santa, except Amazon links you to actual products that you can purchase. Hooray!

Since getting hit hard with POTS last year and becoming disabled, I have grown to depend on Amazon even more. I decided last year to try out a Prime membership and I am never looking back! A membership costs $99 a year and includes free two-day shipping on eligible items (there are A LOT of eligible items) and Amazon Video streaming. For the sake of full disclosure, Amazon Video isn’t as great as Netflix, but it does have some really cool original movies and shows as well as a bunch of HBO stuff. However, I look at it like I’m getting Amazon Video for free because my Prime shipping covers the cost of the membership multiple times over.

If you shop on Amazon often, then you know that they often have great deals and discounts on awesome products. They also have a Subscribe & Save program that allows you to subscribe to have a product automatically delivered to you however often you choose at a discounted price. You can stop and/or pause your deliveries at any time. We’ve used this for paper products, almond milk, vitamins, and more.

Matt, my partner in life, does most of the shopping for our family since I can’t get out to stores. Being able to use Amazon at home helps me to feel a little more independent. I can order items I want by myself instead of trying to describe the items to him. I can also browse through items if I know what kind of item I want but not the exact brand. This saves us from long and frustrating phone calls coupled with dozens of pictures detailing each specific item. It makes us all happier people.

Going out in public uses up a lot of my spoons. Shopping uses even more of them. I would rather save those spoons to play with my daughter, or hang out with Matt, or write an article on my blog. I don’t want to waste them going out to get my shampoo, compression wear, or any of the other various items that I may need. I could not recommend Amazon Prime any higher! Use the affiliate link above to sign up for a FREE 30-day risk free trial. Make sure to come back and leave me a comment letting me know how you like it. Already have Amazon Prime? Leave a comment telling me what you love about it!

Save your spoons for the big stuff, don’t waste them on errands.



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