My Favorite Compression Wear

Not all Spoonie Warriors require compression gear, obviously, but those of us with POTS/Dysautonomia do. This post is for us.

Finding the right compression wear can be tricky. There are so many different kinds out there, especially since the fitness community has decided to dive into the compression world and start advertising “compression leggings,” “compression shirts,” etc. If you don’t have a very severe case of POTS and your blood pooling is minimal, then these might work well for you!

I have a pair of these leggings and they are SUPER comfortable! I have pretty advanced blood pooling, so these aren’t strong enough for me if I’m going to be doing a lot of standing, but they work well for me on my lighter days. They are pretty tight around the waist, which aggravated my IBS the first time I wore them, but I stretched the waist band and ripped some of the seams so it isn’t as bad anymore. The site says they are roughly 15-20 mmhg (stands for “millimeters of mercury,” which is a measure of pressure) depending on the fit, which is a pretty low compression level.

However, if you have extreme blood pooling like I do, then you are going to need something stronger. Everyone is different, and you should definitely check with your doctor to see what level compression they think is right for you. My doctor wants me to have 30-40mmhg waist-high compression. That can get super difficult during the summer, so I sometimes opt for the socks instead, although that leaves me with purple thighs.

When I first started wearing compression garments, I tried many different brands. It’s highly tempting when you see one company advertising compression wear for $30 instead of $70! However, out of all of the ones that I’ve tried, Rejuvahealth is my absolute favorite. The prices are definitely higher, but they are worth it. The quality is great (I’ve had my leggings and socks for over a year, wearing them almost daily, and they work just as well now as the day I got them). They have multiple different levels of compression and fun designs. Although, fair warning, most of the fun designs are on the lower level compression.

I also have some of their sheer socks, but even though the compression is graded as high as the leggings and socks I got, it doesn’t really feel like it. I only wear the sheer ones when it’s really hot out and I won’t be standing much.

My absolute favorite are their leggings. As far as compression wear goes, these are the most comfortable thing that I’ve found. They are tricky to get on (you HAVE to read the directions, crazy, I know!) and I sometimes have to take a break mid dressing, but they help me a lot more than any of the other ones. I’ve considered making a YouTube tutorial video showing how to put on compression wear, but I’m not sure if I want that image of me squeezing, sweating, panting, and huffing out there in the world!

You can find some on Amazon, and sometimes at a lower price than at, but you can visit the site to find a wider variety. Searching their “clearance” rack will also help you to get the best prices, which you’ll want because these leggings can run around $80 a pop! But the relief they offer is definitely worth it. I have three different pairs and I rotate them throughout the week, sprinkling in days of wearing socks or the lighter compression when possible. Basically, I never wear real pants anymore.

These are the leggings I LOVE!

I also have these socks. They are fun, although they do leave little rose imprints on my legs, and I always end up with purple thighs instead of purple feet.

Bottom line, when it comes to compression wear, paying more for better quality is definitely worth it. You could go the route I did, trying a bunch of different compression products that I found on Amazon until I found the ones I like, or you could drop a little more on some high quality compression wear that will last you quite awhile. I’ve seen many compression reviews out there, and looked at/tried many of their recommendations, but these truly are the best ones I’ve found (and no, Rejuvahealth is not paying me for this review! I just really really like them.). If you have to wear compression garments, you want them to be as comfortable as possible.

Do you have a favorite brand of compression wear? Have you tried Rejuvahealth? Give me your thoughts and experiences in the comments!



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