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Let’s talk about my wheelchair. His name is Blue Steal, and I love him.

The decision to buy a wheelchair was a difficult one. Did it mean I was giving up? Did it mean I was done fighting? Would I be judged for using a chair? How much would it change my life?

Well, it did change my life. It changed it dramatically. Before I got the chair, I was basically housebound. I was terrified of going into stores in case I would pass out in them. I couldn’t go anywhere that required more that 5-10 minutes of standing and/or walking. I felt trapped.

Finally, after much deliberation, I decided to try out using a chair. I could not be happier that I did! As I said, it changed my life. I was able to go more places and do more things. I’m still limited (thanks to adrenaline surges and sensory overload) but I am much less limited than before. The picture above is of my family and I at the children’s museum! I never would have gone before I had a chair! It has made so much more possible.

I had worried that getting a chair meant that I was giving up, but it was quite the opposite actually. It gave me a determination to go out and enjoy the world that I had been missing since my symptoms had become debilitating. I felt like I was fighting back, but in a very unexpected way. I was fighting to make sure that my illnesses didn’t steal my enjoyment of life.

As far as chairs, I am incredibly happy with my Drive wheelchair. So happy, in fact, that when I decided to get a rollator for shorter trips, I went with Drive again. It’s comfortable and handles well. It’s lighter than a lot of chairs. It’s also easy to open and close. It fits nicely in the back of my small SUV.

This chair is definitely not meant for wheelchair users who will be in their chairs all day, every day. But for casual users, like myself, it offers everything I need at a price I could actually afford. Wheelchairs tend to be expensive, so I was glad that I found this gem.

Use the link below or the link in the “What’s in my Bag?” section to order the chair from Amazon. If you order it, I would love to hear your experiences with the chair as well! Good luck!



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