Gamma Ray Glasses

These things are so cool, even if they make me look like a giant nerd (disclaimer: I actually am a giant nerd). My boyfriend gave me a pair of these Gamma Ray glasses for Christmas and I use them every day.

These are not prescription glasses, they aren’t used to correct vision. Rather, they work by filtering out the harmful blue light that is emitted from our tv screens, phones, computers, etc. This can help reduce eye strain. It can also help you to sleep better since the blue light from the screens simulates daytime to your brain, making it harder for you to fall asleep.

The thing that these glasses have helped me with the most, however, is with headaches. I usually get some kind of headache everyday. I get tension headaches, migraines, ice pick headaches, on and on. By reducing eye strain and filtering out the bright blue light, my headaches have gotten much better. I make sure to use these every night while watching tv before bed, as well as anytime that I know I’ll be staring at a screen for an extended period.

The link to these glasses on Amazon is below, but can also be found in the “What’s in my Bag” section. Remember to come back and let me know how they’ve helped you!



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